Time In A Bottle - The Music & Stories of Jim & Ingrid Croce

Jim Croce is a favorite of all music lovers for his incredible creativity, humorous characters, and hauntingly beautiful songs. Jim was and is a major influence on Jeff's musical style. Jeff has spent countless hours studying Jim, his music and the stories of Jim's life so that he could create a special show where he could share Jim's music and life in a way that will make you laugh, make you cry, and touch your heart!
This special performance covers over 20 of Jim's most loved songs, but more than that, this performance will take you back behind the scenes of  Jim's journey through the struggles, heart ache, excitement, hope and humor that was Jim Croce.
Very few of us had the opportunity to see Jim perform before he passed back in 1973. If you love Jim Croce, you will love this special show.

Recently at a sold out dinner show, Croce fans were treated to this special performance. They were emotionally filled with the stories and music, and loved how they were brought into Jim and Ingrid's life, where they could experience from the beginning the ups, downs, laughter and sadness that is their musical story. Everyone left the show with a deeper appreciation for Jim and his music, and for Ingrid for her fight and desire to keep her late husbands music and memory alive.

" I have to admit that we were not Croce fans before, but my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed your 'Time In A Bottle' performance. The way you wove the stories in and out of the music made the lyrics so much more meaningful. You took the audience on a journey through the Croce's life and made it impossible not to feel the Joy and sadness that he and his wife experienced. You both did a fabulous job and we look forward to hearing more from you! " - Michael Lombardo

"My wife Brenda and I thoroughly enjoyed our evening at the "Time in a Bottle" event at Cafe Thyme. Jim Croce has been in my playlist favorites forever. His gift for songwriting is timeless. His words paint pictures with emotion...(Built like a 'fridgerator with a head) like a good cartoon caricature captures the likeness of its target. Now I know that i am not alone in Gilroy in my love for the timeless music of Jim Croce.    Cheers" - Mark.

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